I am deeply committed to the well-being and vitality of children. My background and experience combined with a deep sensitivity allows us to get to the root cause and shift the problem expeditiously.

Life cycle changes are a normal part of every family.  For example, when children transition into adolescence, negotiations involving peer groups, self-expression and independence become important opportunities to assist their development into adulthood.  The successful navigation of this stage and other life challenges, at any age, can take patience and understanding, along with key parenting tips and strategies as difficulties arise.

For parents and/or guardians of children and youth with special needs, such as, addictions, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum, emotional and behavioral disorders, developmental, learning, and mental disabilities, or trauma and stress, Fran determines specific strategies that transmute disruptive behaviors into cooperative, harmonious, relationships. 

She is deeply aware of the importance of essential bonding between parents/guardians and their children by demonstrating responsiveness and nurturance in such a way that children feel safe, connected, and self-directed.  By children having a nurtured, loving foundation, their lives can be on track for fulfillment, joy, health, and prosperity.  When bonding challenges have occurred for any reason, at any age or stage of development, Fran offers specific guidance to help heal and nurture relationships for deeper bonding to occur.

For parents and guardians of children identified as needing special services, Fran can help you navigate the publ education system, inform you of special services options, your rights, and laws governing special education.  Additionally, Fran can help bridge families and educators promoting the development and institution of key goals and approaches for supporting and enriching children’s experiences. 

Fran extends professional support to help establish progressive, creative, learning programs and opportunities that inspire learning, and provides key recommendations to assist with children and youth employing various learning styles, strengths, and challenges in home or any educational environment.

Fran is deeply committed to your sense of well-being.  Her background and experience combined with a deep sensitivity allows her to get to the root cause and shift the problem expeditiously.  Drawing from a myriad of strategies, such as, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, psychoeducation, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), SandPlay and other innovative approaches, Fran assists you to empower your heart, transform limiting thoughts and beliefs, dissipate stress and traumatic life events, and experience a peaceful resolution to your specific concerns. 

Consultation and Therapeutic Support:

1 hour   $125.00 
1.5 hours $ 185.00

Private by Phone
30 minute   $65.00
1 hour consultation    $125.00 
1.5 hour consultation $185.00

Support group:  (Contact to discuss)
$45.00 per person (3 person minimum)

Public, Private, Non-Profit School or Business: (Call to discuss)
Consultation by phone
On-site consultation  

Call to discuss.

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