"Fran is bright, motivated, enthusiastic, and quite committed to alleviating children's suffering. She displays warmth, caring, concern, a sense of humor, wisdom, and compassion for the children with whom she works. I highly recommend her without reservations."
-- Tom Dorsey, Ph.D., CSAC

 "Fran has a wonderful connection with the keiki (children), and has many gifts to teach parents and educators alike... creative and innovative learning techniques that will bring self-respect and healthy boundaries to both parties where conscious child-raising is concerned."
-- S. Strom, Grandparent/Guardian

 "Fran Tyson-Marchino is an incredible consultant, demonstrating insight, innovation and empathy in all aspects of her work."
-- Jenny Shattle, Residential Counselor

 "Fran Tyson-Marchino is well know by and has established working relations with many other professionals in the social service community. I observed her to be a consistent advocate for the youth, always working toward greater empowerment and responsibility. Even with resistant youth with plenty of "attitude", she never seemed to lose her compassion for them, and her true desire that they lead healthy, successful lives."
-- Lynn Pizzatola, MA, MFT

 "I gained respect for Fran's ability to effectively problem-solve from a strength-based perspective. I've seen her deal with chaotic situations and effectively move forward, focused on a common goal. She regularly demonstrated the ability to establish rapport with staff, interagency professionals, clients and their families using well honed leadership and communication skills."
-- Carylee Boyd, LCSW

 "Fran provided comprehensive, collaborative, and culturally responsive school-based behavioral health services for behaviorally challenged children, adolescents, and their families. She demonstrated outstanding communication skills in developing partnerships with families, children, teachers, and school principals. I would highly recommend Fran to any organization or family seeking a committed, competent professional."
-- Sandy Salmers, LCSW

 "I was impressed with her ability to connect with local families and school personnel in ways that encouraged and empowered positive change for the youth with whom she worked."
-- Lavern Bishop, Program Director, Hale'opio, Inc.

 "Ms. Tyson-Marchino has worked in the school system for many years and has a very thorough understanding of how mental health services can be applied in the classroom setting. She is a conscious professional, and helpful in her role as consultant to the teachers. I have known her to be knowledgeable of both psychological theory and practice. She is quite skilled in her ability to establish rapport and work through complex psychological issues with high intensity clients. Her knowledge of developmental issues and concerns that children and adolescents face is extensive. She is very insightful to systemic dynamics as well as individual dynamics."
-- Dawna Dean, Psy.D.

 "Ms. Tyson-Marchino understands the complexity of family systems work."
-- Margaret Smith, MA, MFT, RPT/S

 "Fran is highly skilled in building relationships with some of the most challenging clients to engage. She is always resourceful in finding what strategies are most effective for individuals and families."
-- Tatiana Lee, Youth Counselor

 "Fran's background and training as a school psychologist enabled her to provide consultation, assessment and service delivery to enrich the school performance of students with mental health issues that required individualized planning and to increase the knowledge of schools and families serving on the child's learning team. She introduced individual and classroom behavioral modification programs resulting in increased student performance. She also provided consultation at the school site integrating mental health components into the classroom environment; individuals and total class groups benefited."
-- Joanne Nakashima, Former Director of the Mokihana Project

 "Fran's school consultations were very successful. She demonstrated excellent clinical observation skills and noble imitation Breguet Reine De Naples for ladies developed practical but creative interventions. In addition, her communications were well received by school personnel and the interventions she recommended were successful."
-- Michael Hayes, Ph.D., Resident
and Ann Deaton, Ph.D. Director,
Department of Psychology, Children's Hospital


 "Fran's work with diverse groups of co-workers and clients consistently earns respect. She consistently brings hope and enthusiasm to our team meetings."
-- Diane Menes, Youth Counselor

 "Fran consistently keeps morale, quality of care and standards of professionalism high."
-- Judy Saronitman, School Liaison

 "Fran is a dynamic woman who models respect for self and others, healthy boundaries, integrity, and a caring heart. Do not hesitate to invite her help. I feel blessed to know her."
-- Gwen Margolis, Grandparent/Guardian


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